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Tell Me About Casto-Carlton Estate Estate Epe Lekki Lagos

This Estate is primarily designed to provide homes at a cheaper price for working class or middle class business owner without straining their budget.

 We designed it in such a way that there would be a place for everyone irrespective of your income the only thing we  need is your commitment to make a decision to buy we are almost giving it out for free and you would still enjoy the value of having a place of your own somewhere you can rely on .

 This would save you thousands of Naira in saving from renting an apartment yearly and the more you have your own the more comfortable life becomes,your house,your garden,any amount you send on it is permanent not in the case of a rented apartment .

Where all the money you spend on renovation of your apartment and surroundings is lost to the landlord and that doe s not stop him from evicting you if you failed to pay up in time. Fill this form and get a place of your own at Casto-Carlton Estate Epe affordable and reliable. Click to chat 

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The next thing after getting answers to your possible question 
You will need to fill the form to register your intention to purchase

Casto-Carlton Estate Epe

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