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Land in Casto-Carlton Estate Epe for salary earners with low income who wants to buy land in Estate and pay on small installment and get instant allocation on deposit

Land  in Casto-Carlton Estate Epe for salary earners with low income who wants to buy land in Estate and pay on small installment and get instant allocation on deposit

Life as a Tenant is living in constant fear of your landlord, he dictates the tune, even if you do not own rent you have to behave well otherwise he may not want to see your face and as such you may be evicted. In some circumstances your landlord or estate manager could be so insensitive that you will be forced to change apartment when you least expected because of Landlord 'wahala'.

Ironically,salaries are never enough for school fees,
rent,groceries,food stuffs,feeding ,extended families
 and it is worse for men who crawl in the early 
hours at clubs and bars and worst for those with 
side-chic nevertheless you cannot give up 
 living a fulfilled life.

The economy is unstable,unpredictable and unfriendly,if you have a job today and you can earn a living always think of the worst, be self evaluating and be truthful with your current circumstances,this would help you to plan better.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket is a proverb that means don't concentrate all of your resources in one area, because if that endeavor fails,you will be left with nothing ,so plan better for your future,life is full of surprises.

What you must plan for,
  • plan that without salary my financial life would not come to an end
  • plan that without my job my family would not suffer
  • Plan that without  job my children would not stop school and drop out of school
  • Plan that without my job  my life would not come to an end
  • Plan that without my job i would not become a slave in my home
  • Plan that without my job i would not become a nuisance to my friends and family
  • Plan that without my job i would not become a beggar
  • Plan that without my job my Landlord would not send me and family to the street
  • Plan that without my job i would not go and put up with my friends and families
  • Plan that without my job i would not eat from hand to mouth

To plan for unforeseen circumstances is planning Now and today not tomorrow or later because it may be too late, unlike 'Femi' a close neighbor of mine in Surulere in 2006 he never heed to this advise as a friend we cautioned him during evening discussions like i have just did above.

P He worked with a Lebanese company and was the P.A to a Lebanese Managing Director ,apart from being the P.A he also doubled as the procurement manager and was making extra money as much as twenty thousand naira N20,000 per day as early as 2007 while his take home monthly salary was just Twenty eight thousand Naira (N28,000).

Invariably he makes over Five hundred thousand Naira (N500,000) at the end of the month, though he was able to send his children to good schools but he failed to plan bigger for any unforeseen circumstances. 

He lived modestly in a 3 bedroom flat well furnished like a prince , a visit to his house on weekends was like a social party, old friends and work colleagues eat and dine like 'kilode' we had fun and endless fun.

On one fateful weekend in November 2009, his boss was involved in a terrible motor accident on Western Avenue Surulere and suffered a spinal cord injury, he was flown abroad and life became something else for Femi .

He was no more the P.A to the new Managing Director he became an office clerk. There was nothing to procure so the extra money did not come again his only earning was the Twenty Eighteen thousand Naira (N28,000) salary.

He managed to stay but life became unbearable, he was owing house rent and his Landlord planned to eject him,his children dropped out of school because he was unable to pay school fees,his wife started nagging and this was the most disturbing. 

Friends and families were not doing enough to support his challenges , the world became a different place and eventually he left his apartment and his wife and children put up with his in-laws in Alagbado area , while he stayed with a friend named Frank for a while . On one fateful day Femi took his shower ,are dinner ,watched TV and cracked jokes with Frank and later took a walk to his bedroom and slept for the night and never woke again .

His sudden death was a shock to all of us because he never showed any sign 
of being ill or sickness but the reality of his present circumstanceswas too much a shock for him  to
bear and was dying from inside, he was dead long before he was physically dead.

Buy hous buy land buy property

The best you can for yourself now is to sign up for this program and get a property of your own, a house ,land ,and take advantage of all the opportunity that comes your way ,never procastinate , and don't hesitate
on the cost or location because you don't need an instant payment to buy land in our Estate  right now in Casto-Carlton Estate 

This can become something you can fall back to later in life, you can build your  home there,or build and sell the house later for investment.

You can even keep the land and see it add value then sell at a good profit,you may even buy it for your kids keep it for them as solid investment when they grow up they can convert it to cash for educational use or business capital ,it would end up serving you a good purpose of you do not procastinate.

Also do not compare us with other Estate companies who collect money and do not allocate any physical plot for you for several months,
your interest comes first we are not all about your money we want to see you at the top.

We want you to have a place
of your own and no matter how bad your financial circumstances or how low the salary you receive,we would always have a payment package that would not only soothe you but will not stress your over-stressed budget

To Sign up fill this online  REQUEST FORM  and submit then get to know Casto-Carlton Estate Epe and read our Questions and Answer session . 

 As soon as we receive your request we would go through it and send you an offer letter and a plot(s) allocation reservation in your name for 30 days to make your first deposit.

Ths would help you to put your finances together and start something that would make you own a  property of your own , we encourage you to take advantage  of this promo due to limited numbers of plots available and all the benefits you stand to gain if you sign up.

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