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Estate Land Property For Tenants In Casto-Carlton Estate Epe Lekki Lagos

Life is filled with ups and down , a time to laugh and a time to cry,
a time to sleep and a time to wake,at times you are up and a time
you are down, a moment you are rich and next moment you are down, 
a day we were born and a day we are laid to rest, everything in life has time.

Estate Land Property For Tenants In Casto-Carlton Estate Epe Lekki Lagos

Today you can be a tenant and before you know it you can still become a  Landlord don't ever estimate yourself  it depends on if you can have  a plan to work with . Never say your salary is too low for you to start something and never say  'I can never'  just make sure you start from somewhere because you never know what life has in stock for you . 

'Buy from where your money can Buy and  never say Later'

like in the case of my cousin 'Taiwo' he was earning One hundred and eighty thousand Naira (N180,000) per month in 2003 , he worked as an Accountant in a Lagos Commercial Bank , I told him then to buy a plot in Badore  area in Ajah for Three hundred and fifty thousand Naira (N350,000) per plot.

 In truth he made an attempt to buy because we visited the place but the complained of being waterlogged,bad road ,undeveloped,scanty houses bush area etc  eventually he never bought the land , he took me to another area at Ikota Villa close to VGC where a plot was selling for Five Million Naira (N5,000,000) but unfortunately the cash with him was not enough and he never bought it .

Estate Land Property For Tenants In Casto-Carlton Estate Epe Lekki Lagos

By June 2008, he lost his job  and was paid off handsomely, he invested his money into Diesel supply business and by December 2005 he became bankrupt and lost all his investments eventually he couldn't pay his house rent for another 24 months ,he ran into debt a Three million Naira debt (N3,000,000)  his children were chased out of school and stayed at home for 2 years ,he continued borrowing from family and friends to resuscitate his business but the situation was getting worst for him and it got to a stage that it became impossible for anybody to lend him money because he has no means to repay the loans. At this point he was still a tenant he later had accommodation problems, his kids were out of school for a longer time, his wife later remarried , he lives in a room apartment with his kids and eventually remarried but life was never normal.

In a nutshell always take advantage of what is before you at that instant time , procastinating and complaining always kill opportunities. If what you want is not 100% available buy what is closer to what you want , so many people have lost opportunity of a lifetime by failing to buy what they want and losing the opportunity of buying what is closer to what they want at the end of the day they lost on both side and  left with nothing that was the fate of my cousin .

He never bought the land  he wanted In Ikota Villa  because of high price and lost the one I showed him because he doesn't like it, he lost out completely and now he is totally pennyless . unfortunately land in Badore now is selling. from N6million and N12million with good road network and fully o├župied with beautiful houses . Everyone must avoid this type of fate so take advantage of this promo and never lose any golden opportunity to own a property of your own because life may not always be the same always .

Life is strange and can be unpredictable , Fill the REQUEST FORM  
for a plot(s) in one of our Estates In Epe and get instant allocation without making any deposit , you 
can take a tour and read details of 
for more familiarity.

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